I want to be Max Rockatansky

I would like to assume that the majority of gearheads, who are nonstop mulling over of how they could modify their jalopy, have one thing in common: They love (post-)apocalyptic movies like Mad Max, Escape from New York (“Die Klapperschlange”), Death Race 2000 or Battletruck.

When I got my first car in the early 90s, a VW Scirocco MK1, the first thing I had to do was to paint it matt black. I didn’t mind it was raining when I painted that car. Au contraire—the pimpled paint was even more authentic in my eyes. And if you know the German police and TÜV, you probably can imagine how much fun it was to drive around in a wannabe Mad Max veedub.

To be honest, I am not sure what exactly went wrong with me, that I am addicted to those life negating and destructive movies. But “I am the last survivor” stories and post-nuke sagas have always inspired me and will ever do. More than that, this interest evolved into a secret code, which helps me identifying soulmates. It simply separates those, who are more interested in polishing their industry standard iron to death from those, who have got enough cojones to start something new.

Why am I telling this? I just flipped through my site referrers and stumbled upon an address: Futuro Finale 2088AD. So, if you love Max Rockatansky or Snake Plissken as much as I do, head over! Futuro Finale 2088AD is a marvelous paradise for the "Last Days".

In the meantime I will call up Mr. Thomsen that he has to pick me up in his Falcon. Now. Or in his Cortina. Or with his Kawa ...