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Gyronaut X-1 Restauration Preview

"This bike — when everything is correct — is one of the most wonderful things you can ever ride. If things aren't going well, it's absolutely terrifying."

Relive the history of the Gyronaut X-1 land speed record setting motorcycle, with Bob Leppan as driver, and legendary automobile designer Alex Tremulis (Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, Tucker, Subaru, among others) as its stylist, the super-streamlined Gyronaut X-1 held the unlimited land speed record for motorcycles from 1966-1970 of more than 245 MPH. Now in the hands of Steve Tremulis, Alex' nephew, this influential icon of Bonneville Salt Flats speed history is set to be fully restored to its former beauty and capability.

Via "Cling on for dear life!!!"

Josh Clason: Flower Of Scotland

"Documentary of Speed Scotland and their attempt to break the 300+mph club out at Speed Week 2011. In order to attempt this, Speed Scotland has to prepare months in advance to have the car ready to be shipped out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Speed Week is the only time of the year that they can race the car and provides a steep challenge."

Josh Clason has done it again. We met each other during SEMA, and it was too bad I we both had such a tough schedule ...



A day after I wrote this post I met Alex(andra) Lier. Some may know Alex for her amazing book "Speedseekers" (if you don't — order it now!), others for her deep passion for all kinds of racing, especially salt lake racing. When Alex saw my post, she told me she was taking pictures of the streamliner while Josh was shooting the video.

It's a small world ...

Super Rat Racing: Egg Salad

"A creation from the dark depths of Super Rat Racing, Egg Salad was a Bonneville contender for 2011, accomplishing a top speed of 113mph. Carl Bjorklund, the fabricator behind Super Rat gives a brief description of his work of art in this short film showcasing the bike. Egg Salad is powered by a 500cc Rotax motor mounted in a Knight Flat Track frame. Carl hand built the metal faring that encases the motorcycle."

Chad DeRosa via RocketGarage.