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Hella Flush 5: Whips and Chicks

Nine times of ten my heart beats for traditional hot rods, custom-, muscle- and classic cars. This is where—imho—Motorkultur started and everything has its roots.

But to be honest—every once in a while I catch myself thinking those scenes are dead. Stone-dead. I don't understand those questions whether a car has been built "right" (whatever that means?), I am bored of everybody looking the same (in their "hot rod uniforms") and that continuous nagging at each other gets on my nerves. In such moments I ask myself whether they might have forgotten, what it's all about: building your own ride according to one's wishes. Inventing something new. Being creative. Nothing more.

It's always the same. Exactly in that moments I come across the drift scene. I am definitely not a drift nut, I don't even understand why it takes more than a quartermile—possibly even curves!—to prove who's best. But I really like their fresh way of mixing up street art, fashion and lifestyle. It's good to see those guys are spinning the wheel further. Or, in short: They bring it to another level.

I wonder how I would think after I visited a couple of those Hella Flush events  ...

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