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Flake & Flames: Final Funding

For some time past Mr. Dirk "Pixeleye" Behlau, my companion since the early days, keeps on and on at me I should write about his latest "Pixeleye Calendar". But as I assume that everybody already knows about his stuff I procrastinate it from day to day. Hm. Shame on me, but maybe I've recently seen too many entirely inked ladies posing half-naked in front of all kind of vehicles. But — if you haven't ordered Dirk's colorful wall decoration yet, do it now. (Well, Mr. Schnitzeleye, here's your post!)


Mr. Behlau and his lowbrow (art) blood brother Mr. Bram just rolled out a campaign for their "Final Funding". Maybe you remember "Flake & Flames":

"Flake & Flames is a fantastic adventure through the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe seeking out the hottest Kustom Kulture spots in the United States (US) and Europe.

If you are new to Kustom Kulture, you will experience the overwhelming creativity that exists behind terms like Low Brow Art, Hot Rods, Customs, and Pinstriping. Those who are familiar with Kustom Kulture will drool in awe and get a privileged look into the private domain of the Kustom Kulture legends of our time.

Some of the world’s best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters, and pin-up models share their tricks and experience. Artists dedicated to art forms that have traditionally been frowned upon by established society throughout history show you why nothing else can compare."

To keep it short: Those greasy highwaymen just want your money. But they offer — once again — some great packages in return: "High Five + Credits" ($ 10), "VIP Screening Hook Up" ($ 175) or even a "Gold Sponsorship" ($ 10.000), just to name a few. I just ordered "Gimme Gimme The DVD" ($ 30) … but it starts madden me I didn't order the "Let's have a wrap up party" ($ 50) ...

Dirk's and Jesper's "Flake & Flames" is a killer. In my opinion.

Ryan Hope, Stamp London: Skin

"No one else will ever give birth through a piece of Damian Hirts Art."

Directed by Ryan Hope, Skin is a dark, stylish examination of tattoo culture as high art, and a film that tests the boundaries of art and the human body. 

Featuring contributions from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Raymond Pettibon, the film is a beautiful visual essay from the frontiers of contemporary British art. 

Skin was made by Stamp London in association with Garage Magazine to mark the launch issue, and was made possible by the generosity of Christie's, the world's leading art business, and W Hotels.

Via Ink Butter.

Flakes & Flames: Teaser Three

If you haven't supported Dirk's and Jesper's Flakes & Flames yet, do it. Now. Here's the link

Note to self: Call Dirk and ask him whom he hired to shoot and cut this slick styled video. As this video has far too little scratches, stains, frames and bordes, it can't be made by Mr. Pixeleye himself.

Nah. Just kiddin'. It take my hat off to Dirk and Jesper!