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Off The Wall

I still remember the moment I got my first pair of Vans. The sweet smell of rubber which spread out during the unboxing etched itself on my memory. Model: Traditional Skate Shoe, black and white checkered vamp and heel counter, mixed up with red and white checkered quarter. And of course: a foxing with a checkered scheme. Btw, can a checkered foxing still be ordered? If not — Vans should bring 'em back.

I am wearing Vans for over 25 years now. In former times for skateboarding and BMX, nowadays because they are the coolest sneakers in the world. Vans have never had such a sell-off as Converse Chucks had to suffer recently — as every suburb-fashion-dumbass wobbles around in Allstars. Combined with a Ramones T-Shirt, of course. Kinda wannabe-punk-rock-uniform. I would bet any money that most of those people never had heard "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker", "Blitzkrieg Bop" or "I Wanna Be Sedated". RIP, Chuck Taylor.

Ok, I digress. But not causelessly. The reason is I am looking for a clarification why I post those Vans videos. But — stuff it. As I explained: I love Vans. Especially the original low top lace up shoe wit the Vans Sidestripe. And I really dig the courageous philosophy behind those "Pass The Bucket"-videos. Nuff said. 

Hat tip to Tobias Faust for sending me the Tony Alva video.