Leaking: Chromjuwelen Motor Oil

Via Kai Petermann (stilsucht.de)

Via Sven Wiesner (beesocial.de)

Via Mark Bourichter (Dederichs Reinecke & Partner)

I agree — speaking of "leaking" in the context with a motor oil is kinda awkward. But "leaking" refers more to the fact it had to happen sooner or later somebody snaps a shot of our latest Chromjuwelen project and posts it on the interwebs. So it is our own fault. Nobody has forced us to showcase a handful of oil can dummies on our Continental Extreme film premiere. We knew what would happen — as we would do exactly the same. But to be honest: We wanted to know, what would happen. Precisely because we had a lot of automotive yournalists and gearheads on our guest list.

Ok, let's let the cat out of the bag. We teamed up with Mathy to design a Chromjuwelen Motor Oil specially made for classic cars. Formulated by Mathé Classic, both oils (15W-40, 20W-50) provide optimal protection against wear and corrosion — especially for vehicles only used occasionally. More to come soon, but maybe this helps to understand my Prototyp Museum post where I mentioned first that we have been fallen in love with Otto Mathé.

The feedback so far is overwhelming. It seems we have touched a nerve.