Continental Extreme: Chromjuwelen En Route Road Movie

And finally — here it is. Our "Continental Extreme" video. The latest Chromjuwelen En Route road movie starring five German blokes on a Motorkultur-expedition. Intention: To draw an analogy between Las Vegas (SEMA) and Dubai (Motor Show).

Co-starring among others not only our 1964 Imperial Crown, but also family and friends like Klaus Rasch (, Mike Musto (, Ryan Friedlinghaus (West Coast Customs), Sven Gramm (BRABUS), Bear Garcia (Hooligan Customz), Frederik Faidhi (Select Nano), Sam Badawi (1000 Dunes), David Mitri (1000 Dunes) and Phil McGovern (

Thanks to everyone who joined our film premiere at the EAST Hotel in Hamburg. We had a blast!