1964 Imperial Crown: The Eagle Has Landed


Our 1964 Imperial Crown, which we bought during our "Continental Extreme" trip last year, has meanwhile arrived in Hamburg, Germany. Good to welcome our old fellow, which is one of the main actors in our upcoming "Continental Extreme" video, in our hometown! 

I know: Having something is better than needing something. But with the Imperial I have too many projects in my garage. So — anybody interested in a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 W108 or a 1972 Pontiac "LeSupra" LeMans Project? Just shoot me an email if you are looking for a perfect familiy Chromjuwel or — if you have got the guts — a Pearl Harbour Muscle Car.

BTW — we are on the home stretch with our 70 minutes video (Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Dubai). We will showcase the video next week in Hamburg, so it is time to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate the online roll out with us!