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1964 Imperial Crown: The Eagle Has Landed

Our 1964 Imperial Crown, which we bought during our "Continental Extreme" trip last year, has meanwhile arrived in Hamburg, Germany. Good to welcome our old fellow, which is one of the main actors in our upcoming "Continental Extreme" video, in our hometown! 

I know: Having something is better than needing something. But with the Imperial I have too many projects in my garage. So — anybody interested in a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 W108 or a 1972 Pontiac "LeSupra" LeMans Project? Just shoot me an email if you are looking for a perfect familiy Chromjuwel or — if you have got the guts — a Pearl Harbour Muscle Car.

BTW — we are on the home stretch with our 70 minutes video (Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Dubai). We will showcase the video next week in Hamburg, so it is time to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate the online roll out with us!

Continental Extreme: Chromjuwelen En Route Travelogue

You may still remember our last Chromjuwelen En Route tour called "Continental Extreme". And if you do so, you probably wonder what happened to us and our self-attempt with the 1964 Imperial Crown. And why you have never heard any time later about that project. Here is the simple answer: It took us donkey's years to sight our material. And to understand what happened. In Los Angeles, in Las Vegas, in Dubai.

3000 photos and several hard drives filled with video material later we get a breath of an idea: WE HAD A BLAST! We just published our (German) travelogue, including a selection of 332 photos ("Los Angeles, Las Vegas (SEMA 2011)", "Dubai (Dubai Motor Show)"). So is time to get lost. Our Chromjuwelen En Route Road Movie will follow in January. 

At this point we would like to thank once again some guys for their help:

  • Klaus Rasch ( Thanks for helping us buying and overhauling the Mopar! And thanks for feeling like home every time we are in LA.
  • Mike Musto (, Dude. This has been the fourth time (!) I was trying to ride your #§%#* Winged Warrior. And I failed again. It must be jinxed. But you know what? I will keep on trying. Hell Yeah.
  • Frederik Faidhi ( If you will ever be in Deutschland ... can you help us polishing our Imperial Crown? Just kidding. Thanks for your open sesame!
  • Phil McGovern ( Damn. We have to come back. And not only for the reason we have to do this dune thing with you guys. 

Mates – we take a bow.

Chromjuwelen En Route: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai

The most stupid mistake you ever can make? Buy a typical "needs some TLC" and "runs and drives" car and hope it will take you from A to B. Ha – we just did that. Deliberately. In our case A is Los Angeles, B stands for Las Vegas. And the car is a 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown. Mopar or no car.

We are in preparation for take-off. Our mission is to shoot another Chromjuwelen Road Movie. Destinations: Los Angeles (October 31 till November 2), Las Vegas (SEMA Show; November 3-6), Dubai (Dubai Motor Show; November 7-12). Motto: Continental Extreme.

If you are interested how far the Imp' will take us – or if wanna join us – just hook up on our Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. Btw, we are still looking for car culture stories in Dubai (underground, drift, off-road). Unfortunately our contact to Dubai is broken down. If you have got a tip, just shoot us an email!