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Höing Sportmotoren: Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

"If in Europe, have Matthias build you a motor" – recommends Mr. Magnus Walker. If you want to know why, follow this link and learn more about Matthias Höing.

This little stop-motion video, made by Sören Städe and Johannes Grau, shows Matthias tearing apart a Porsche 3.2 engine (part 1). To convert it into a hot rod engine (part 2 — coming soon).

If you like engines, you'll love this stunning flicker book. 

Alex Diamond: Magazine Drawings

One of my personal long-term objectives was to mix Motorkultur and Art. I had some discussions about giving my Poncho (which is white at the moment) as a canvas to an artist, another thought was to do some kind of Motorkultur-/Chromjuwelen-exhibition with galleries. But you know how it is — those soul projects always take some time. And time is money. Unfortunately.

Some days ago my favorite art dealer, Heliumcowboy Artspace, contacted me and asked if I could donate some car magazines to one of his artists, Alex Diamond. Alex Diamond is just producing a side kick — he is doing some artsy magazine rip offs (2007-20082012). His work is drawn straight into the magazines with fine ink pens. On-the-road, instant artworks. I have seen some of them, and they are simply gorgeous.

So I gave it a try and donated an old issue of Carl*s Cars (oups – website broken?) which I had twice. Today Alex offered his fist set of drawings on Etsy (just hit one of the images above), which are stunning. It has never been easier to get some unique Motorkultur art.

Luke, we definetely have to talk soon. About a special Fuel Magazine edition. What do you think?

Ferrari Project: Automotive Art

Cutting cars into slices and converting them into furniture or art is nothing groundbreaking new. Visit a car show, and you will see those hung up slices at every turn. Or stop at a cheesy diner, and you will probably have to seat yourself on an ugly Cadillac trunk sofa. 

When Jürgen Ulmer told me about me his Ferrari Project, I was skeptical. My first thought was, to be honest: Ok, just another fanboy who thinks he is a talented artist. But what made me sit up was the fact Jürgen selected Ferrari for his destructive art. This was different. And courageous. Not a tail finned Detroit Iron which you can buy for a handful of bucks. Or a MINI. Or Benzo. Chosing an Italien beauty was new. 

Compared to the aforementioned clunky diner kitsch the Ferrari Project does not come with tires, bumpers, door handles and all the chrome trim. In lieu thereof it is stripped down to its bare-boned silhouette. And that is what makes the difference. 

The other day I was a guest of Jürgen. He welcomed me to his beautiful house. And there it was: A slice of a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Converted into a piece of art. I have fallen immediately in love. 

There is still a right side of a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 and a left side of a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, so hurry up!

Deluxe Restomod: 1973 Dodge Challenger

Yeop. I have done everything right. Absolutely. Check out this restomodded Mopar and you will understand why I am thrilled Style Deluxe/Kustom City is overhauling my Pontiac LeSupra. Why you haven't heard from the LeSupra for a while? Because I simply had to park it to get other things done first. "Other things" like rolling out our agency. But now it is time to bring that project back.

If you are thinking of a german engineered custom project, you should pay Style Deluxe a visit. I know a lot of brilliant engineers, but I don't know too much which are so stylistically confident as those fellas are. My assumption? They won't be an insiders' tip any longer as more people will see their stunning work. 

All photos: Jo Fischer.

Dirk Pixeleye Behlau: Kool Fellas, Ltd.

Dirk Behlau, better known as "The Pixeleye", just released his third book: "Kool Fellas. Ltd.". Dirk is a member of our Chromjuwelen family since the early days and we are proud to see that there are some more people out there who love his work as much as we do. It is too bad I haven't had the time to write the prologue so Dirk had to ask Jesse James ...

Get Kool Fellas, Ltd.!