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Continental X Chromjuwelen: Videos

It has been long overdue that we compile a video of all our brand ambassador media work that we did for Continental. From our early (awkward) beginnings 'til now. So, here it is. Enjoy.

In this context I would like to send out a big thank-you to all the people who made this happen (in alphabetical order): Carsten Brix (cinematographer), Dean Malay (deluma productions), Dennis Petermann (, Christian Suhr (Filmfreunde) and Jan Wigger (cinematographer). And of course to Kai Rühling (Continental) — who wasn't afraid to handle our neurosis. Props go as well to JC Chaix, my personal "Principal Word Basher" aka "Ralf's Crazy Shit Dept.". Dude, you know what I am talking about.

In this context I would like to add two more videos: A short version of "Continental Extreme" and a Chinese bootleg of our "Chromjuwelen Road Movie". The first one was compiled because the full version of Continental Extreme may be way to long to catch the message, the second one was done by our Chinese colleagues of Continental.

If if you like our videos — follow our brand-new (re-activated) YouTube-Channel!

Riot Racing: Vegas To Reno

Yeop, we are big fans of desert racing since we've visited the General Tire Mint 400 in Las Vegas this year. So we would have posted this epic Riot Racing video anyway.

But what we just learned—and actually didn't know—is who drives the #68 trophy truck. His name is Marc Ewing. This name won't sound very familiar to gear heads. But this name will sound familiar to every open source hacking software geek out there—Marc is the founder of Red Hat (Linux).

Open Source Desert Racing!