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Blame it on me. I am a bad person. I abused my 1972 Pontiac "LeSupra" LeMans – I left it outside.

The reason for this inexcusable outrage is I was shilly-shallying how to proceed with this project. When I brought the Pontiac to Oliver "Style Deluxe" Kaps, our intention was to do some body modifications and to create a mind blowing paint job. But in the meantime we figured out that there was still too much technical work to be done. As it would be batsh*t to paint the car first and tear out the drivetrain afterwards, I said: "Er ... wait a moment, let me think ...". This moment took me far too long, which is obvious when you see the pictures above.

Another thing was that Michael Wolf, the Dr. Frankenstein behind this incredible engine swap monster, never finished his work. And it was also me, who is responsible for this. I wanted to drive that car, although I knew it was not finished. To cut a long story short: the car just returned home to West Coast Resto, so Michael Wolf can finish his masterpiece. Which was high time I did this.

Beautiful Beast

During our Chromjuwelen En Route video shoot last weekend — see sneak previews above — I had the opportunity to race my Nippon Pontiac for a few meters. Damn, that Poncho kicks *ss. Maybe this is due to the fact the "Kustom City family" worked a little on the setup of my 7M-GTE

At the moment the LeSupra waits to get customized at Style Deluxe Hamburg, but I must admit I start loving the Millenium Falcon "Piece of Junk" style ... 

LeSupra Deluxe

Some images I have just stolen from Jo Fischer. They show the friggin' unbelievable "Cremer" (metal god and welding wizard), and Oliver Kaps (Style Deluxe) working on my Poncho. If you are interested in what they are really doing - beside trying to look authentic and greasy - check this out. It's stunning!