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Typen: Die Typologie der Agenturführung

Mathias Jahn, SOULD:

“Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte (behaupten die Art Direktoren). Gut, dass Ralf Becker trotzdem einen Gastbeitrag für Wulf-Peter Kempers Buch “Typen” geschrieben hat. Denn auf dem Foto sieht man ja nicht, was hinter der Denkerstirn vor sich geht. Im Buch erfährt man das: Zum Beispiel, was Brandcasting ist, warum Hybride nicht immer vier Räder haben und welche Mitarbeiter Agenturen in Zukunft brauchen. (Und warum die Geschichte mit dem Frosch Unfug ist, kann man sogar im obigen Bild nachlesen.)”

“Typen” kann hier bestellt werden.

revvv: Mythos Le Mans

Print is dead. Long live print.

The other day the Adrenalin Verlag Hamburg sent us their latest work called "revvv". I knew that there's a new mag on its way, but holding it in my hands is another thing – because revvv is different. It is half magazine, half book and bilingual. I take my hat off – I know what it takes to publish German/English. It's a mountain of work.

The magazine is published twice a year, always with a central subject. This issue deals with the Le Mans 24 Hours – 260 pages full of passion about the probably toughest race of the world.

You can order your copy here

Mercedes-Benz DESIGN Exterieur

If you are intersted in Mercedes-Benz design, you'll love "Mercedes-Benz DESIGN Exterieur". Of course — the new S-Class is the focus. But in another large chapter the book's authors devote themselves to the history of Mercedes-Benz design.

Btw, the illustrated book published on the occasion of the world premiere of the new S-Class is recipient of the coveted red dot award: communication design 2013. The illustrated book is available in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop or from ISS DEBEOS STUDIOS (German and English; EUR 98,– (plus shipping charges)).

Congratulation, Mercedes-Benz — and many thanks for sending over the book!

Fuel Magazine & Tank Moto

Long-term readers may know, that I am a die-hard fan of all that stuff Melbourne based Luke Ray is producing with his independent Australian publishing company: Fuel Magazine, Fuel Tank TV – and now: Tank Moto.

It would be easy to "copy & paste" his press release regarding Tank Moto. But it wouldn't live up to Luke's work. So — please do me a favor and hop over to Luke's site. You'll love it.

And once you are there, just click subscribe. You won't be sorry.

CAST IRON: A Four Stroke Beat Magazine

As I don't read too many magazines as a hardcopy, I turned into an idiot who doesn't know what is going on in the international magazine racks in the meantime. So much more I am happy I have some friends who keep me informed. In this regard: Thanks for the link, Helge!

Helge shot me a link to CAST IRON. Nope, I've never heard that title before (which doesn't mean much). But I really like their attitude and philosophy:

"[...] "Contra-culture" said someone? Definitely! That term was born in the sixties, was followed by "D.I.Y" and "crossover" in the following decades. That's what "CAST IRON" is all about: pop culture, a cool mix of past fragrance and nowadays' colors, a 4-stroke beat which is common to both cast-iron engines and rock'n'roll. Or in other terms: Lifestyle. Automotive. Motorcycle. Fun. [...]"

Hmm. I need a copy!

Guy Kawasaki: Enchantment

Tenshun—this is offtopic. Sorry for the interruption. It hasn't to do either with cars, nor with Motorkultur. But it has do with media. And this is at least our other passion.

A few weeks ago Guy Kawasaki sent me his latest book: Enchantment. If you are into (internet) media, you'll probably know Guy Kawasaki. Guy is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and best known for his marketing campaigns in the early days of Apple. We got in contact over Guy's, where we contribute our Chromjuwelen articles.

I am just reading Enchantment, and I think it's a must read for everyone who tries to set up so called "Social Media" campaigns. Btw, I think in the meantime everyone is sick of hearing the expression "Social Media", but unfortunately it describes this Twitter-Facebook-Tumblr community clutter best (for the moment). Especially in Germany. Where still a lot people try to sell "Social Media" concepts to agencies and companies.

Guy is noted for "having brought the concept of evangelism" (Wikipedia). And this is exactly, where are lot of modern campaigns lack. In an automotive industry, where not uncommonly ideas are driven by the (private) interests of marketing decision makers and don't reflect customer needs or product visions.

To keep it short, here's a movie.