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Bottrop Kustom Kulture Show 2010: Pictures

Just in case somebody is interested in pictures. I just uploaded a Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2010 set to Flickr. An article will follow. This year the legendary Kustom Kulture Show in Bottrop, which is Europe's biggest Hot Rod and Custom Car meeting, teamed up with with DicE magazine and presented—for the first time—a separated bike area.

Just move over to Flickr to see more than these shabby cell phone pictures!

Hella Flush 5: Whips and Chicks

Nine times of ten my heart beats for traditional hot rods, custom-, muscle- and classic cars. This is where—imho—Motorkultur started and everything has its roots.

But to be honest—every once in a while I catch myself thinking those scenes are dead. Stone-dead. I don't understand those questions whether a car has been built "right" (whatever that means?), I am bored of everybody looking the same (in their "hot rod uniforms") and that continuous nagging at each other gets on my nerves. In such moments I ask myself whether they might have forgotten, what it's all about: building your own ride according to one's wishes. Inventing something new. Being creative. Nothing more.

It's always the same. Exactly in that moments I come across the drift scene. I am definitely not a drift nut, I don't even understand why it takes more than a quartermile—possibly even curves!—to prove who's best. But I really like their fresh way of mixing up street art, fashion and lifestyle. It's good to see those guys are spinning the wheel further. Or, in short: They bring it to another level.

I wonder how I would think after I visited a couple of those Hella Flush events  ...

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