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Chromjuwelen Magazine X Flipboard

Just because we are working hard on the relaunch of doesn't mean we stopped publishing our web finds or selected stories from our Contributing Network. Of course, at the moment we don’t produce lots of Chromjuwelen reportages, but our social branches like Tumblr are busier than ever. Regarding Tumblr (Chromjuwelen, Chromjuwelen Motor Öl) we are looking forward to set a new record soon: 15k followers. Yeah!

Furthermore, we are gaining new experiences with another curation tool: Flipboard. So if you are a user — tell us in the comments what you think! Here's our Chromjuwelen subscription link. WHERE'S THE BEEF?

"Your stories, your international network, your multidimensional brand Chromjuwelen — DUDES, YOU ARE SITTING ON A GOLDMINE!" — that's what Chris and I often have heard since we launched back in 2005. But as stated in "It’s time to get focussed" we suspect that we buried — faced with so many funky and irresistible interweb opportunities — our Unique Selling Proposition — STORYTELLING. So it’s high time for digging. First of all for our USPs, then for gold.

We decided we'll to do it publicly, with opened visor. In short: We'll use storytelling to hack our broken storytelling. Virtually as a a self-prescribed therapy. To illustrate our mission, we'll borrow Wendy’s famous claim as our battle cry. 'Cause "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" hits the nail on the head. Especially these days, where the media scene seems to explode and everybody affirms he's making millions. We don't believe the hype.

We've got a long list of topics we would like to discuss, including things like money (of course), reach, trendsetters, language and culture — just to name a few. So stay tuned and let us know in the comments what you think. And of course, we still speak Deutsch. So don’t hesitate.

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl X Lowly Gentlemen & StanceWorks

Andrew, Michael — we feel more than honored to see Chromjuwelen Motor Öl featured on The Lowly Gentlemen and StanceWorks! Now it is up to us to get our classic oil shipped in an orderable amount to the US.

In this context: We are still in search for an US distribution partner. If anybody reads this who could help us — shoot us an email! In the meantime: Chromjuwelen Motor Öl can be ordered here. & Ralf Becker Consultants: It's time to get focussed

Facebook closes it’s @facebook-email-service ('cause nobody wants it), Germans are ditching WhatsApp ('cause they are paranoid) — and for me it’s time to end up my Tumblr-blog-excursion. We are still in a digital stone age, and you know how it is: "Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try." 

I still believe Tumblr is one of the best blogging tools out there, but either I stuffed way too much web finds in my Tumblr or used it in an inconsequent or wrong way. Tumblr works perfectly for our Chromjuwelen Motor Oil blog, but it never worked out as a full replacement for my "Ralf Becker Consultants" business blog.

It’s time to bring back. For branding-/marketing-topics, cherry picking and agency communication. "Lose Sight — Lose Fight" is written on the back of my business card of Ralf Becker Consultants. And "Losing Sight" is exactly what happened. With too many channels my communication got more and more frayed. So it’s time to regain the lead again (which is also written on my business card). Let's return to go!

Another MASSIVE PROJECT we are just working on is to rethink our lovely mothership, In the last eight years got fat, felted and sluggish. When we — Christopher Stegemann and I — started 2005 we had (to be honest) no idea where the business would be. In the meantime we figured out that we aren't that bad in things like storytelling, curating and content strategy. But it seemed we buried our skills, and it’s high time to expose them again. For our fans and readers, and for our clients.

Ha — coming home feels good!

Spindle Productions: Experiments In Speed

"Experiments in speed. Inspired by those great men of the salt flats, those men that in the 60s pushed the Land Speed Record from the 300s up towards the 600mph mark in jet-propelled cars built in their sheds. We decided to do what we do: build a bicycle, but this time, in the spirit of those pioneers of speed, build it to see how fast we could go …"


Tom Donhou by Spindle Productions via Hypebeast.

Maiham Media: Love To Hate Me — Lamborghini Bosozoku

Well — I am late with this one. But better late than never.

This is what Luke Huxham, the mastermind behind Maiham Media says: "Style is personal, fun is universal. That's what you need to embrace before watching this film. Morohoshi-san is living between the lines, somewhere in that gray section. Mixing with the undesirables and modifying his Lamborghini in ways most of us would never dream of doing. His style is unique and questionable but one things for sure, he's too busy having fun to care what you think! And that's truly what makes him a cool character."

To keep it short: A Bosozoku Lamborghini is so tacky that I want one.

Via Stance Works

Höing Sportmotoren: Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

"If in Europe, have Matthias build you a motor" – recommends Mr. Magnus Walker. If you want to know why, follow this link and learn more about Matthias Höing.

This little stop-motion video, made by Sören Städe and Johannes Grau, shows Matthias tearing apart a Porsche 3.2 engine (part 1). To convert it into a hot rod engine (part 2 — coming soon).

If you like engines, you'll love this stunning flicker book.