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Chanel Superstore, Grand Palais

Usually I am not very interested in fashion, but this one's different. For the AW14 (Paris Fashion Week), Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld turned their catwalk into a high-end supermarket. Fully stocked with not just products, but Chanel products. Which is amazing.

As we know what it takes to create an own product (Chromjuwelen Motor Öl), we have to pay our respect for Chanel's work. Btw, they even offer a fake engine oil: Coco Carbone.

Via „Paris: Willkommen im CHANEL Supermarkt im Grand Palais!" (

Fuel Magazine & Tank Moto

Long-term readers may know, that I am a die-hard fan of all that stuff Melbourne based Luke Ray is producing with his independent Australian publishing company: Fuel Magazine, Fuel Tank TV – and now: Tank Moto.

It would be easy to "copy & paste" his press release regarding Tank Moto. But it wouldn't live up to Luke's work. So — please do me a favor and hop over to Luke's site. You'll love it.

And once you are there, just click subscribe. You won't be sorry.

X-RAY MAGAZINE: Hamburg – City Of The Classics

The other day x-ray magazine ("fashion business intelligence") asked me if I would like to write an article about "Motorkultur in Hamburg". What a question — of course! This is not only a perfect opportunity to present Hamburg amongst the other featured cities Los Angeles and London, but a good way to thank all those people and places who inspire me every day.

If you ever were looking for a perfect Motorkultur travel guide regarding Hamburg, here it is: Hamburg – City of Classics (English; page 64-67), Hamburg – Die Stadt der Klassiker (German; page 64-67).

Featuring (in alpahbetical order): 

 In this regard I would especially like to thank two persons: Oliver Breitwieser for taking all photos, Sven Wiesner for slamming his Rostkäfer. And yeah, needless to say: I <3 Hamburg.